Which is Better – 12Win vs Onlineslotqq101?

Online casinos is a place for some people to relieve stress, some make it their livelihood. There are a wide variety of games that can be found on these site. But there is one game that has been in the casinos for a very long time that is slots machines. Today I am going to compare two of the newest online casino sites that provide the best slot games in Asia. The first one is 12Win. I can’t deny the fact that this is a good place to go. It is well-known, licensed and have a lot of games to choose from. But there is one contender that can go head-to-head with 12Win, and that is Onlineslotqq101. Now the question is, which is better – 12win vs onlineslotqq101? Here you will see their differences.

Which is Better – 12Win vs Onlineslotqq101?

Product Difference between Them?

Being the older casino site in Asia, 12Win is certainly have the best product supplier and leading developers partnered with them. Having heard that, you will think that onlineslotqq101 doesn’t have a chance to go against this site. Well, you are wrong. Even though the slot Malaysia is quite new, you will be amazed on their products suppliers and partners. They have been partnered with them since the start. These products such as Playtech, GamesOS, Microgaming, Betsoft, TopTrend Gaming, and Spadegaming and famous for giving the best experience and huge payouts in slots games. As you can see there are almost no difference in their products.

Which is Better - 12Win vs Onlineslotqq101?
Which is Better – 12Win vs Onlineslotqq101?

Do They Offer Free Play Slot Games

I know that you want to know if these two offer free slot games. Because these two are partnered with those best online slots machine providers and developers, of course there is a free play feature on all slots and arcade games. There is no slot game on both these two that you cannot try for free. You can play or practice any strategy you have in mind as long as you like.

Casino Game Download for Mobiles

A lot of people ask this question. Of course these websites have compatible application for both android and ios devices. These mobile applications are compatible with any screen sizes. Both 12 win casino and Onlineslotqq101 allows you to download the app directly on your mobile devices or transfer from PC to mobile phones or tablets. It can be easily installed and played instantly afterwards.

Promotions and Other Special Offers

These two sites have one in common, they both offer nice promotion offers, but the difference that you can see on their promotions page is that at 12Win there is only one promotion as of now. On the other hand at onlineslotqq101, you will find many special and limited promotions that you can join. Like for example, the FREE VIP LEVEL promo where everyone can get up to Diamond level all for free.


Now that you have seen their similarities and differences, you decide which is better – 12win vs onlineslotqq101. Both 12Win and onlineslotqq101 as you can see provides the best quality of services. They both have mobile applications, free to play games, and promotion offered. The major difference will be the promos as you have read earlier. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, but if you ask me, I will go to onlineslotqq101 because of the special promotions that should not be missed out.

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