Which is Better – 12 Win Asia Vs QQ188Asia?

In sports betting particularly in Asia. You will find many bookmaker and betting sites that offers accurate predictions, best odds and sometimes a free bet to their members. But among those betting sites, there is two that shines the most, these are 12 Win Asia and QQ188Asia. Both of them are online sports betting site and online casino site that gives the best quality of gambling games and betting predictions with big odds. Which is better – 12 win Asia vs QQ188Asia? We will see about that later on this article.

Which is Better – 12 Win Asia Vs QQ188Asia?

What Products Do They Offer?

Just like said earlier, these two are among the best online sports betting websites that not just offer sports predictions but also have other games such as slots, and live casino games. They cover all variety of sports event that happens around the world and soccer leagues, championships and la liga. 12 win Asia is probably the best choice for many who doesn’t know about QQ188Asia. It’s quite expected because QQ188Asia have just started gaining popularity among sports bettors in Malaysia. Even though they are new, they are already being trusted by many players and continues to grow till today.

At 12 win Asia, they have 3 sportsbook partners which are sbobet, ibcbet, winning ft, and tbsbet. These are their partners that provides the sports predictions and odds for all their sports events. On the other hand, at QQ188Asia there are only 3 which are, 368Bet, Saba Sports and Opus Sports. But do not be fooled, these three are amongst the best in Malaysia. You will find also the widest range of sports events that is available for betting in-play.

Which is Better - 12 Win Asia Vs QQ188Asia?
Which is Better – 12 Win Asia Vs QQ188Asia?

Live Betting and Free Sports Streaming

QQ188Asia being the leading Asian bookie, they only provide top quality of services just like the giants in the industry of sports betting. So you do not miss out on any events on sports that you love most. Here you can get free live streaming that you can do with any device, be it pc or mobiles. This feature is also available at the 12 win Asia. Both offer a good and fast free live sports streaming.

Mobile Sports Betting Compatible

There is obviously a mobile sports betting application on these two betting site. Because mobile sports betting is the new trend in betting on sports. They will not be late on giving these services. At 12 win Asia, you can find the installer for mobile application when you logged in your account. At QQ188asia however, you can see it clearly on the homepage section, above menu and there it is the download application. In my opinion at qq188asia it is much easier to find the mobile application and install it directly on the device.


Which is better – 12 win Asia vs QQ188Asia? It is hard to decide which of the two of them the best sports betting site is. If you ask me, I would go to QQ188Asia, the reason is that they are new, meaning they offer many special kinds of promotions that you cannot find on any other betting sites like 12 win Asia.

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