Feel Like a Real Pirate in Pirate Slot

If you’re planning on adding a new game into your favorite slots, you may consider Pirate Slot. Not only does this game provide another gaming experience, it also offers you a chance of feel like a real pirate in Pirate Slot. But, what does it mean to be a real pirate? What can you steal along your adventure?

Feel Like a Real Pirate in Pirate Slot

Pirate Slot in short

Yo ho ho! Bottles of rum are ready for you! Welcome to the fun game where your imagination of being a real pirate is nurtured. The fun game comes with many cool symbols and pirate stuff to take you back to your childhood days when you were dreaming of sailing in a ship and discovering hidden treasures.

Along your journey of finding bunches of big wins, you don’t need to worry about the rules. Pirate slot developer made the rules simple and easy to follow.

This 5×3 classic slot takes a setting in a tropical area with full of treasure. Around the island, you will see a plethora of pirate ships that are ready to sail to the sea.

Feel Like a Real Pirate in Pirate Slot
Feel Like a Real Pirate in Pirate Slot

Commencing your pirate journey

This game comes with five reels and nine paylines enabling you to place a bet of maximum 25 coins per line. So, in total, your maximum bet in this slot is 225 coins per spin.

If you wish to bet at the minimum, select the red button on the screen, while if you wish to go with the maximum, select the blue one. Once decided the bet, press the “start’’ button to spin the wheels. If you want to trigger auto-spins, press the A button.

Directing your sailing to the hidden treasure

This game has no complicated rules to follow. However, it doesn’t make it has less prizes. This slot offers you with huge chances to win although it lacks of free spin and or progressive jackpot.

The jackpot itself is offered at 5,000 at the minimum. If you can manage to multiply it, you can earn a whopping 5,000 x 225.

That is not all. You still have the winning options from the winnings multipliers, wild symbols and scatters symbol. If you happen to use the winning spin, remember this: it’s either you double your winnings up or you are completely lost. In this winning spin, you have to guess what color a die will show –red or black. You guess it right, you take the doubled winning, you get it wrong, and you end up with nothing.

Locating your bonus

Trigger your bonus game by collecting three or more chest symbols on the active paylines. Those chests hide your prizes and the bones. Next, you are still able to trigger the second bonus game by getting at least three additional barrels. In this second round, you are granted the opportunity to open a barrel that may contain gems.

Your Pirate Slot is now completed with the adventure guidance. All the things you need to kick off the journey and how to discover the gems are explained above. Set your sail and go start the adventure and feel like a real pirate in Pirate Slot.

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